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Privacy Policy For Sell Your Car Dallas

Sell Your Car Dallas Privacy Policy

So, you are concerned about your privacy, or maybe you are concerned about our business policies. Well, whatever you want to know, you are on the right page. Read on! ‌

‌‌We are serious about our business and utmost serious about your privacy. We may ask for your personal information (which includes your name, email id, demographic location, contact number and your car details) for business purposes. 

‌It may be noted that unlike other websites, Sell Your Car Dallas does not force you to fill up online forms asking for your personal details. Even if you want, we avoid any such form for you because we believe in core business and we hate marketing calls as much as you hate them. 

‌We take all possible measures to safeguard our client information. Sell Your Car Dallas is only related to and responsible for its network of websites as mentioned in the footer section and has no ties with any third party vendor. We believe in a neat, clean and green business.

Sell Your Car Dallas Privacy Policy

Sell Your Car Dallas as an organization (or any person associated with us) will never ask you for any money whatsoever. We are not commission agents. We are buyers who will pay you in cash for your junk / old or damaged car. 

‌Our car removal services are absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is pay for a phone call that you’ll be making on our number to sell your car. Ah, if you want we can add up that phone call cost to the price of your car and you can actually get few cents more. 

‌Yes, we do accept donations for the amazing work we do. As a car owner, you will be responsible for accepting our cash offer and selling your car to us. Sold cars cannot be claimed by you in any circumstances.

Sell Your Car Dallas Website Terms Of Use

Sell Your Car Dallas website is available to general public over the Internet. You may use our website the way you desire. You are free to go through any section published over here. You are also free to give suggestions for the betterment of our business and can even criticize us in your mind. 

‌There is no need to register on our website to use our services. Just give us a call and our evaluators will assist you in selling your car for the best possible price.